Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Disneyworld Flashback to the 80s

On a recent trip back to Florida (where I grew up) I was going through photos of my childhood when I stumbled over a few from when my family went to Disneyworld back..er..30+ years ago !

Now if you hadn't noticed I am really into tiki (duh!) and so it was super cool to find a photo of my older brother and I posing in front of the Adventureland sign complete with the original tikis.  Yes, the sun was in our eyes hence the squinting but since these tikis are no longer there what a great photo nonetheless!

My Dad also took pics of my brother and I posing with our mom under The Enchanted Tiki Birds (now Room) sign/building.  Realize that the park was not wall to wall people like it is now...this was right after the park was open and most photos I flipped through show very little crowds. How times have changed!

My Dad also grabbed some pics inside the attraction including one of the hostesses peering out from behind the doors.

Finally a huge attraction to the DW park was the Florida Orange Bird and the Sunshine Terrace Tree. I have a small collection of vintage Orange Bird merch that you may have seen before:

 Which is why seeing this photo of my brother and I chilling with the Orange Bird was super rad!

I have lots of other Disney pics from my childhood. Growing up in Florida we went to theme parks ALOT. Back then it didn't cost $100 just to walk through the gates and I am so happy that my family has these memories!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

International Tiki Marketplace at Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach THIS Saturday -- October 10th

If you collect tiki or like tiki cocktails and live anywhere around LA as of this weekend I hope you will support my friends who are vending at Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach at the International Tiki Marketplace Saturday October 10th from 10:00-3:00pm!

Over 50 vendors selling everything from vintage to tiki to rockabilly items displayed throughout the vintage Polynesian restaurant Don the Beachcomber-- what could be better?

Entrance to Don's is $10 but in return you get a $10 voucher that is good for food and drink at the restaurant the day of. Come to browse, stay to dine and then browse some more--who knows what you will find!

The event is all ages and you will want to  arrive early because my friend Tom Thordarson (THOR) created this print exclusively for this event and the first 100 people get it for free! 

AND even better is the first 15 people get the print PLUS a custom frame by world famous Bamboo Ben!! 

Here is just a tiny sneak peek of the art Thor created :

Why wouldn't you want to check it out! Free art, friends, shopping, tiki, tiki, tiki!

SO if you are on Facebook click the link below to get to the event invite.

See you Saturday!!


Friday, July 31, 2015

Kitschy, Novelty Hats Made by ME!

Inspired by the super cute sunglass hats from the 60s I  I have become obsessed with revamping vintage straw hats into novelty hats to coordinate with the bright, Hawaiian outfits that so many people wear at tiki gatherings.

If you have no idea what a vintage sunglass hat is...well imagine a hat with ..uh..built in sunglasses! 

Here is an example :)

(Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge them!)

So as I said inspired by these hats I have started revamping vintage ones and turning them into sunglass hats - this one has pink film and a flower

And then I sort of went off the deep end and decided to also make novelty hats like...

Under the sea...

Mid Century fish...

One of my favorites..flamingos and palm trees...

flower power complete with rick rack...

I added mushrooms to this super cute hat that already came with pom poms and a baby blue under the chin tie...

brightly colored polka dots...

Anchors aweigh...

Yes..I have A LOT of free time and yes I love the way these have all turned out! I have a few more that are almost done. I plan on selling these at an event I am attending in 2 weeks and what doesn't sell will end up on Etsy or Ebay.

Who needs to buy when you can make, right?

Hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vladimir Tretchikoff - in the flesh..literally!

If you love kitschy art or even if you love tiki you should be familiar with this 1950s painting by Vladimir Tretchikoff "The Chinese Girl" or as we call her "The Green Girl". My picture below has her face in more blue tones but she is most definatly green.

I have always loved this painting but I have had zero luck finding this print second hand. Even though I have searched for it for years I have yet to find it at an estate sale or a thrift store. I could buy it off Ebay if I wanted to spend a chunk of change on it ($150-$350) but I am too cheap to do so.

So....I decided to do the next best thing.....

 And get it tattooed to me!  I am pretty heavily tattooed but from my knees to my waist I have none. Since I am so tall I have wanted to wait to find a large piece to cover a substantial area and finally decided to bite the bullet and get this done.

My tattoo artist Lefty is also someone that lived on the East Coast and relocated here as well. Although we are from the same part of Florida we weren't friends until we both lived out here. He is not only a super nice guy but an amazing artist..who also does amazing tattoos.

So this past Saturday I settled in for a LONG session...it ended up being 5 hours!!

If you have never had tattoos before the key to a great tattoo artist (in my opinion) is how much time they take layering the colors. Intricate patterns and tones should be built up and not just colored in willy nilly.

Here is her almost finished dress. It took 2.5 hours.

After hour 3 my thigh went numb -- thank goodness--because it took another 2 hours to finish her up.

Needless to say she turned out amazing !

Even though my thigh feels like its been through hell and back and sleeping the first two nights was highly uncomfortable I am super stoked with the end result and so very happy to finally "own" her.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tiki Diablo and Home Depot -- a perfect tiki pairing!

One of the things I love about my friends --especially in the tiki communicty-- is how very talented they all are. I am fortunate to know so many amazing artists who run the gamut from mug making  to tiki carving to full on commercial tiki bar builds.

A few years ago I became friends with one of the nicest guys in tiki-Daniel Gallardo or as the tiki world calls him Tiki Diablo.

Danny and his wife Stephanie became fast friends and I have always enjoyed spending time with them at tiki events -- they are both so down to earth and fun to be around.

Danny has done some amazing work in the past - not just custom mug making but custom bar builds as well.

He built the Tonga Hut Palm Springs location which includes this amazing hidden room you can dine in:

Concept art

Part of the finished room

He built the tiki resort in the desert : Mojave Oasis -- which is a campground full of tiki touches like a huge clamshell outdoor bar and vintage trailers you can rent:

He makes custom mugs for Tiki Bars like rum aficionado and epic tiki drink creator Beachbum Berry's bar  Latitude 29 located in New Orleans

as well as fun, quirky mugs like the Boobie Trap (which he gave me for my last birthday--Thanks Danny!)

Seeing as Danny is self made and one of the hardest working people I have ever met nothing makes me happier than seeing him make it big...and in big I mean he just created a line of tiki merchandise for Home Depot!   If you have ever seen tiki merchandise in stores its usually the ghastly Party City brightly colored big toothy grin tikis like this :

Well that is NOT tiki. That is..well..horrific. Please don't buy anything that looks like that and display it proudly...it is not tiki its tacky and you should be embarrassed! 

For the Home Depot line Danny has made a few different styles of standing tikis, a bar and table top planters all in his signature style. 

Retro Renovation did a fantastic article on Danny, his art and this series for Home Depot that you should really read up on it  HERE

And as for my friend I am so extremely happy for him ! He is beyond talented and I cannot think of anyone more deserving!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cabana Sets - for action and acclaim !

Even though I rarely wear them I still  love vintage Hawaiian clothes . At the top of my list are men's cabana sets. Seriously is there anything more awesomely iconic from the 50s and 60s pool parties featured in movies then men strutting their stuff in matching shorts and button down shirts? I think not. 

Not only do I love cabana sets but I LOVE that men in the tiki community have embraced them too. So much so that many men have started to make their own sets based off of vintage patterns. Check out this photo from last year's Tiki Oasis of one of the many cabana set meet-ups:
The guys look so awesome!
I also think its funny how so many men have such pale legs ;)

Cabana sets weren't just sold in Hawaiian prints -- many variations can be found on Ebay...like this amazing sailboat set that is bid at over $250 (!!) so far:

 And this Jantzen set that is color blocked and comes with a zippered shirt and long shorts:

So many styles:

Finding vintage patterns to make this sets is generally hard..they are rare and most that you come across are the patterns for kid's clothing. That is why I was so happy to come across this Large Men's sized pattern which, although cut, is complete. My goal is to make copies of this pattern and resell them so the men who want to can make sets for themselves:
Summer is coming...is your man's body cabana set ready--pasty white legs and all? I hope so!