Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cabana Sets - for action and acclaim !

Even though I rarely wear them I still  love vintage Hawaiian clothes . At the top of my list are men's cabana sets. Seriously is there anything more awesomely iconic from the 50s and 60s pool parties featured in movies then men strutting their stuff in matching shorts and button down shirts? I think not. 

Not only do I love cabana sets but I LOVE that men in the tiki community have embraced them too. So much so that many men have started to make their own sets based off of vintage patterns. Check out this photo from last year's Tiki Oasis of one of the many cabana set meet-ups:
The guys look so awesome!
I also think its funny how so many men have such pale legs ;)

Cabana sets weren't just sold in Hawaiian prints -- many variations can be found on this amazing sailboat set that is bid at over $250 (!!) so far:

 And this Jantzen set that is color blocked and comes with a zippered shirt and long shorts:

So many styles:

Finding vintage patterns to make this sets is generally hard..they are rare and most that you come across are the patterns for kid's clothing. That is why I was so happy to come across this Large Men's sized pattern which, although cut, is complete. My goal is to make copies of this pattern and resell them so the men who want to can make sets for themselves:
Summer is your man's body cabana set ready--pasty white legs and all? I hope so!

Monday, April 20, 2015

An Update to my Tiki Finds

With the recent annoying gravel art fiasco of 2015 I went searching online to see if I could find any tiki themed gravel art to purchase.

Came across this unique piece that appears to be a one-off and made to resemble the tiki/Papua New Guinea logo that the Trader Vic's restaurants uses.

It features gravel and semi precious stones all glued to a wooden base and honestly is pretty amazing!'s an exact copy of their logo so it had to be the inspiration behind it. 

 I found these 3 tiny Westwood tiki mugs

 A Kon Tiki creamer to add to my Kon Tiki sake cup :
 This amazingly rare beautiful menu from the

 Ale Ale Kai Hawaiian Village Hotel from the 1960s. This menu is used as the cover art for Sven Kirsten's Tiki Modern coffee table book. A friend of mine had just scored this same menu the week before I did so when I came across it I was even more stoked!

In 1960 MGM did a tv show called "The Islands", These salt and pepper shakers were promotional items from that show. 

The show had a whole slew of items that ranged from pitchers to mugs to canisters . Here are just a few other items I saw when I Googled.

A few weeks ago I came across a bamboo/rattan shelving unit at a thrift and went home without it. My only justification for leaving it behind was I had planned to hit a few more stores and wanted to make sure I still had room in my hatchback to do more shopping.  Cue me not sleeping that night kicking myself for leaving it behind when I could most definatly had used it in my apartment..esp since I needed more storage.

Good thing I was the 2nd person in the thrift when they opened at 9:00am the next day, My receipt said 9:02 because I don't mess around!

Even though I had to drive with my steering wheel in my stomach and with no ability to even use my mirrors (yay for having a hatchback!) because it fit perfectly in the spot I wanted it to:

And it didn't take very long for me to fill it up either!

Anyone else find anything cool lately? I actually collect a lot of different things--maybe soon I will show that stuff too!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Do NOT Buy from Atomic Crush Designs/Kymm Chavers or -- SCAMMER!!

I love gravel art and when I saw that this store was selling gravel art kits to assemble I was super excited.

Even better there was a kit that featured moais--hooray tiki kitsch!  Sadly this lady and her store are nothing but a scam.

Everyone please DO NOT purchase from Atomic Crush Design -- that is where I bought the moai gravel art kits for my birthday present to myself -- the woman who runs the shop - Kymm Chavers - is HORRID. Actually I think that word is far too kind and honestly I am beyond ticked off.
Based on her time frame on her Etsy store shipping from purchase date would take " up to 2-3 weeks" I ordered my item full price (including paying for shipping) on March 2nd. 

On March 17th I emailed her and asked if she had shipping info on my order. She said she was "aiming" to ship on 3/21.

 On 3/24 I contacted her AGAIN to ask where my shipping notification was. She hoped that the delayed shipping would "slip under the radar " of her customers (who uses THAT verbiage...oh she does)
As she stated to me " Luckily, you're the only one I've had to tell so far!" ..I guess I am the only person who buys something online and then actually GASPS! wants what I pay for!

 On 3/26 she FINALLY shipped (supposedly). 

Today is 4/7 - I contacted her to say I had not received the kit and her tracking info she provided dropped off as of 3/31 and oops-oh well! 

She offers no refund, no ways to solve the situation...nothing. Instead she responds in flippant ways and blames all her issues (I guess other buyers haven't received their items either) on the post office.
So now I have to dispute the charge on my credit card which I used because at the time i purchased she didn't offer PayPal (how convenient ...what an easy way to SCAM people) with Etsy and I swear I will not rest until I talk every single person out of ever buying from her sham of a shop.

I opened a case against her Etsy store but Etsy closed her comments on the case she claimed that I was the one scamming HER. Um..this bitch has $88 of my money and I received NOTHING in return. Whose the scam artist??

I beg every kitsch lover out there to stay FAR away from Atomic Crush Designs--this awful online shop out of Chicago.

I am not the only person that hasn't received their order over a month later.


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Friday, October 31, 2014


I didn't realize that I haven't updated this in awhile...eeep!

Well I will work on starting to do so again in November.

Hope everyone is swell!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hello Dolly!

While cleaning out one of my kitchen cupboards last night I found this Dolly Parton new in the box poseable 11 1/2 inch doll.

She was chilling behind some soup bowls.

Obviously I am a pack rat and obviously I wish she was wearing an embroidered jumpsuit like in the drawing on the box.

And can't buy her from me so don't ask ;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vintage Sunglasses--OK Let's See How Long These Last

While at the Antique Faire over the weekend I stopped at a booth to buy some tiki stuff and these sunglasses were just sitting randomly on the guy's table.

As someone with an enormous head (Hey, I am 6'1" so I guess having a big head is better than having a pin head!) vintage glasses really don't fit me. I slipped these on and they fit perfectly. So I bought them.

Now because I spent over $10 on them and they are vintage I can pretty much guarantee they will last about 1 week.

The countdown is on!

Oh and please excuse my face--I managed to get sunburned even though I was wearing SPF90 :(
And I just noticed my eyebrows are crooked

Oh I care!